Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Healthlite Yogurt Case Study

routine procedures in newborns (V)

permeability of the choanae, esophagus and anus.

"should not be performed routinely suctioning the gastric Labado, the passage of the orogastric tube, the passage of the probe to confirm the patency of the nostrils and the passage of rectal probe. Not necessary and are not without risks. "

The first time I heard something about it was on the permeability of the year and I learned that I put a "tube "for the area to verify that it was not plugged. The truth is that I was horrified. Later I investigated.

check The permeability of these choanal is not to say that ESISTO a hole in the back of the nose through which air circulates (hole that connects the nose to the throat). May be missing in one or two and it goes without saying that presents an immediate problem that the baby does not breathe (do not know it by mouth) and drowning. Now, I understand you have to see, or breathe or not breathe but that can be assessed without having to put any hose anywhere. The same applies to the esophagus and anus. In the latter case simply check that expels meconium within 48 hours. I need not have to prove before to have a hard time with our son.

protocol in some hospitals to follow these routines. Specifically I found the procedures followed in the Hospital Linea de la Concepcion in southern Spain where it says that once born, "is immediately in Warmer" and was the " the suctioning. initially removed from the mouth secretions with gauze, and then aspirated. The following sniffs. " [...] " then is wrapped the newborn in a sterile cloth and taught to the mother, immediately transfer to the Neonatal Unit where he will receive the following care: "[...] " gastric aspiration. Testing the permeability of the year. Checking choanal patency. "
Fortunately this is beginning to change and there Midwives struggling change, they see that another way of doing things is possible and that early contact between mother and the newborn is essential and that certain procedures like this that I have today are unnecessary in a healthy baby.

There are others who fight for change from our blogs, trying to report and showing that another way of doing things possible, that we should not refer to what we are infused with fear and everything and what I find worse is what they do to us and our children without even knowing it because they procedures apply in many more cases that we should not know. They forget to ask and tell the advantages and disadvantages. They forget that we are present at the birth of our children.


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