Friday, March 18, 2011

Brown Discharge And Uti???

political illiteracy, March 20. Pilgrimage


Against cuts by the employment, pensions and social rights

political and social organizations and citizens who support this call, we do believe that it is time to stop adjustment policies being implemented by the Socialist Government to the dictates of finance capital and big business, whose interests they pretend to protect.

We are determined to do so by mobilizing and democratic political action (ranging from social organization and the struggle to prevent our vote to be used in the next election to endorse measures to right).

policies imposed by the Government aims to improve conditions for ending the crisis. On the contrary, worsen. Unemployment is growing, the economy remains stagnant and labor rights and social regress. These policies are presented as inevitable, but that's not true. They are just decisions that favor large economic powers and speculators, approved the issuance of the so-called markets. The financial capital is in luck: virtually all measures taken by the Government since the crisis began have been directly or indirectly profit-oriented banking. The Government does not flinch when he insists that his decision not to cut social rights.

However, the reality is that punish the poorest, freeze pensions, greater ease of dismissal, social spending cuts affecting public services, including education, health and dependency reduction remuneration in the function public attack on the public pension system and threat to collective bargaining tools that allow the defense of the working world.

has not taken a single measure to pay for the crisis responsible.
So you have to be indignant and it is imperative to rebel to the mobilization, struggle and organization.

Another policy is necessary.
not only to defend the rights and achievements of the people who live in our work, and those who can not even do because they are unemployed, but also to regenerate democracy, miniaturized to service calls markets, and harness the economic progress towards a new production model that takes into account the ecological crisis and, therefore, be human and environmentally sustainable.

enough to fool the public: there are other ways much more realistic to interpret the origin of the crisis, there are more effective policies to overcome it, and there are things you would not pay the consequences for the less fortunate. are possible and viable, as shown by several reliable studies, the United Nations itself and the experiences of some countries. Simply having the political will of governments determined to implement and to Thus, with social mobilization and political change needed.

Some of the measures considered necessary are:

1 .- Preparation, budget and implementation of an Emergency Plan for Employment and Sustainable Economic Stimulus as a basis for anti-crisis measures and based on exclusion, unemployment, precarious employment contracts, poverty and gender inequality. Urgent Plan Employment / Training for unemployed workers. General introduction of 35-hour workweek.

2 .- Adopted necessary measures to suspend the execution of evictions of the main residence and cutting basic services (electricity, gas, water ...) in the case of unemployed people. Amendment of legislation to regulate mortgage payment in the only guarantee of the principal home mortgage.

3 .- Cancel the reforms to weaken the public pension system and opening of negotiations on the future of the system based on its strengthening compliance with the conditions (legal retirement age of 65, 15 computation period and 35 years time to ensure 100% of the base), the progress toward retirement ages below 65 years and strategies to increase revenues social security system by creating employment, equal pay for men and women, the elimination of the underground economy, the price in grants system, the elevation of the tops of the highest prices, and increased wages to regain the weight they have lost in national income over the past fifteen years.

4 .- Implementation of a plan to ensure project funding job-creating investment and liquidity of small businesses and self-support through public and the necessary credit. Rehabilitation plan of the residence.

5 .- Promotion of social spending programs, comparing across the country to the European average on education, health, pensions, and equality dependency services. Implementation of a plan to rationalize the expenditure of government. Legal reforms to prevent and, where appropriate, to severely punish corruption.

6 .- Government's clear rejection of European policies based on the so-called Brussels Consensus, agreed between European conservatives and Social Democrats (which in our country represent mainly PP and PSOE), which reflects the collusion with financial interests and the continuing attacks against the sovereignty of peoples and democratic expression.
Requirement of a truly democratic functioning of all the European institutions, including the European Central Bank.

7 .- Opening a negotiating table on Reform of the Production Model (including industrial policy, energy, priority productive sectors, democratization of business and economics. Public Bank, educational reform and training professional boosting R + D + i, etc..).

obtain the necessary resources and provide themselves with the financial resources to these goals requires:

A) The implementation of tax reform based on a fair and progressive tax system where those who have more to contribute more, especially large wealth and property, the profits of banks and corporations, and financial transactions. Urgent adoption of a plan against the underground economy, fraud and tax evasion and immediate ban on the activity of banks and English savings banks in tax havens.

B) The suspension of the process privatization and banking of savings banks and their transformation into a hub for public banking. Nationalization of financial institutions that do not fulfill their social function of facilitating credit. Control of speculative activities on sovereign debt.



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