Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wwe Create Your Own Belt Online

Note this pair of signs:

I have not found any pictures that look better, I am writing here some of them:

"Vigo Queríades a modern and respected. E or fixéchedes "

" Vigo Queríades or infrastructures are big days. E or fixéchedes "

Those who are familiar with the Galician and they will be crying her eyes, but for those who did not get here Castilian phrases with some errors in much the same gravity

" Vigo wanted a modern and respetao. And you did it "

" You wanted the Vigo of large infrastructures. And you did it "

Yes, it should be" You wanted ", with accents and" respected "just as in Galician should be " queriades "," respected "and" fixéstelo "(with or after the verb, and not before).

That many politicians who have passed from Galicia Galician Olympian, as he is not new. That when they are forced to use it, make it really bad, either. What we find now is that neither know how to use a spell checker, or advice when preparing a campaign, and at least write well.

Of course, I must admit that the language bloomer also gets into the Castilian , as Vigo propaganda we have received a magazine in the mailbox, which boasts a tremendous taste for the absence of accents and other misspellings:

I'm already fed up with their signs (and not now in season, but throughout the mandate, work and other) spending stupid and propaganda bizarre. But still above are not even well written ... Is tricky matter.


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