Monday, March 28, 2011

Blistered Wives Butts

Return to Work with renewed enthusiasm

Torreón, Coah., March 28, 2011 .- After a couple of days off, on Monday set Santos began his preparation for the match against Cruz Azul, for Week 12 of the Torneo Clausura 2011. The Warriors made

activities technical physical character, highlighting a year of tight spaces, which was supervised by strategist Diego Cocca.

Christian Benítez and José Antonio Olvera worked in the area of \u200b\u200brehabilitation of the Holy Land Model, as Ecuador's recovering from a mild sprained right ankle, and the defender is in the final stage of its recovery from the bruising that presented in the left foot as far midfielder Fernando Arce, follow the treatment prescribed by the Medical Services of the Club due to the injury in his left knee weeks ago.

After being part of the concentration of Mexican representative Sub 22, played a couple of duels to prepare for Pachuca and Toluca, the defender Uriel Alvarez reported this morning the camp was brought to albiverde and even the group. As for Felipe Baloy, this day he trained with the selection of Panama, who faces similar to Cuba in friendly match Tuesday.

After the meeting, José María Cárdenas Zacatecas highlighted the accomplishments of the campus in the last week:

"We worked more on the tactical, on the idea that (Diego Cocca) wants to impose on the team, we are with technical, although no results have given us has proved that grit, that attitude, we quiet, we had time to work, I hope that we can reflect on Saturday. "

Do you think that the group is desperate for victory?

We have a squad that should be fighting the top, is the fact the team has not gone through a good time, we must have a good seal, make as many points as possible, on Saturday we have to reflect this, we worked hard, we have no choice but to win.

to settle scores against Cruz Azul ...

Concachampions's face in, we had a good performance, so it's a good challenge against Cruz Azul, with a team that is playing well, we hope to vindicate the fans, to our people, is a hobby that has been in good times and bad, right now we need more of them. Minutes later

"El Chato" Rodriguez added that the squad is psyched to refine albiverde several details before facing the cement:

"Last week we worked pretty well, three days were double session in which it was given a review of all the physical, technical to tactical, which aims Diego to do on the field this week will continue working on it and improve. "

one week could be considered fundamental to get the win ...

Every week is important, it came in handy this winter to work, give an overview of everything that is fundamental, technical, tactical, you have to feel the hand of Diego Cocca, the team intends do what the coach wants.

Santos "can still think in qualifying?

Yes, there are enough points to think of a qualifying group opponents are (in closing the tournament), that motivates us to think of a score, we also realize that the important thing is to win on Saturday to regain trust the team starts to win, go back that fighting spirit that had shown in previous tournaments and thus think qualify.


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