Thursday, March 17, 2011

Every Story Has A Beginning

Young European Experience

Torreón, Coah., March 17, 2011 .- On Sunday 20, a selective composed of players from the U20 Santistas Picks and U-17 travel to Europe for a series of friendly matches against top clubs of the continent.

be ten days in which young people can project their training within the club Santos, while gain international experience and blanks. In the first instance

face Glasgow Celtic on 22 March, 24 they will face Newcastle in England, 26 are measured at Hamilton's Scottish Premier League. Iberian territory will travel to play against Espanyol on 28 and a day later before the second division Girona in Spain. It is scheduled to hold one more game with rival and date to be confirmed.

Experience Santistas live young derived from the agreements between Santos Laguna and Celtic of Scotland in which opportunity is given cultural and sports exchanges of this kind. It is noteworthy that the commitments made were achieved largely thanks to the support extended by the Scottish outfit to facilitate alliances with other teams.

Players who represent Santos are: Julio Gonzalez, Luis Manuel Rubio, Fernando Kenyi Adachi, Christian Ignacio Ramírez, Luis Fernando Vázquez, Alejandro Lozano, Carlos Javier Torres, David Alejandro Gonzalez, Ulises Rivas, Gilberto Corral, Jesus Alonso Escoboza, Aldair Rodolfo Mota, Jesus Dibani Ayala, Jose Manuel Cerda, Julio Cesar Salas, Luis Alberto Lozoya, Andrei Carlos Parra, Daniel Guzmán, Edgar Adrian Martinez, Mario Alberto Cardenas and Juan Francisco Ortiz.

group will be the command of Professor Gerardo Silva, Alberto Espinosa as Assistant and Julio Cesar Morales as a Physical Trainer.

regard to travel, the Technical Director, Gary Smith, said:
"The first thing is to go to compete with dignity, seek to be protagonists, the boys are acquiring the experience of international matches. They have great technical, physical and tactics, and we believe that such meetings will bring them closer what we want to arrive to the First Division. "


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