Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Rogers And Son Silverware Real

minded Warriors on the visit to the Capital Mexiquense

Torreón, Coah., March 7, 2011 .- In the tenth round of the Torneo Clausura 2011 the Warriors will face the Devils Rojos of Toluca, box suffered a painful loss to Morelia by a score of six goals to one last Sunday at Estadio Nemesio Diez, why try to vindicate his hobby now to those run by Diego Cocca. Meanwhile

Laguna squad intends to leave in the past the adverse outcomes of recent dates back to winning ways, for which working hard throughout the week at the Planning Santos model, focused on optimizing the performance of each of the lines.

This morning began preparing Santistas weekly basis with a session of aerobic and regenerative for football players who acted as headlines in Saturday's clash with America.

As for the rest of the players participated in an intrasquad game with the Under-20 representative, in order to keep pace with football.

Ecuadorean Christian Benitez press conference stressed that Santos was a good performance in dealing with the above:

"In a game always brings something good, really have had good games, bad, regular, not us found in very good Saturday against a major rival like America, it would have been ideal to win, but did not give out something good in the sense that the team sees him heartily and has the support of the fans who are screaming, hopefully keep improving, doing the right thing to raise. "

now be measured at a Toluca also required to earn the three points ...

Yes, Toluca is a great team, has shown, try to worry about us, they will worry about improving, it is important to be well, improve, then think about the rival.

Having a long week of training will work on the idea of \u200b\u200bthe Technical ...

Yes, we know that the coach has been telling us what he wants, besides we have a base, many of us know from long ago, that's a good sign. With what he has to teach us add a little more, that's good.

defender Rafael Figueroa also said the team's attitude during the meeting said:

"Patience, working every day, I had the chance, try to make the most, I've been working very hard to have these opportunities. "

"The team always wants to get ahead, to fight against America was a great attitude, we fight for 90 minutes, the carelessness cost us three points that we should not let go."

will feature several days now work prior to Sunday's clash ...

Yes, we've been very active, now appears to us more relaxed this week, gives you more time to technical know what he wants, the team is working on it, to make the game the coach looking for, let's make the most, check videos and correct errors that have cost us dearly.


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