Friday, March 25, 2011

West Los Angeles Gay Cruising


Torreon Coah., March 25, 2011 .- The squad led by Diego Cocca completed the work scheduled for this week with a training facility Santos Planning Model, which started at 9:30 pm and practically focused its all the tactical aspect.

intrasquad game was conducted with several elements of the Under-20 representative of the institution, in which the proposal could see the Warriors used against Cruz Azul in Week 12 of the Torneo Clausura 2011.

Ecuadorean Christian Benitez a degree sprained right ankle during the match, and although the injury is not serious, will remain under observation by the Medical Services of the Club to continue its evolution. The set albiverde

enjoy a couple of days off and return to activities next Monday in the resort Santos.

At the end of the session, the left-hander Carlos Morales Santos explained that look close to the best of the tournament, with the hope of reaching the playoffs:

"Beyond the coming days off it is important to keep working and understanding more of what you want to coach, we had a very difficult run of games we are in a situation where anyone we like to be, but we owe a very large slope with ourselves, our fans, our families, who suffer every day all the pressure upon us. "

"The important thing is that the team does not decay, remaining six games to achieve important things, knowing that the situation is complicated qualifying, but we are a team that we have never gone down or go down the arms."

The match against Cruz Azul would be a watershed ...

is the idea, with a tough opponent, playing good football, we address a few days ago and we won both times, so we will try to pull this off, Today more than ever we are hurting, committed and indebted with people around us. Uruguayan

Jonathan Lacerda also mentioned that the Warriors are aware of their responsibility towards the finals of the tournament:

"There are moments in football, I do not always going to win, not always going to lose in the first two tournaments I was (in Mexico) we arrive at two ends, which is not enough, now we're in a slump, things are happening to us rather than try, but you have to keep working, lift his head. "

Do you trust again earn the starting job?

Confidence is always, if I am not who I have confidence I will have me, no forget what we've done a few months ago, back to that, remember what we did.

How beneficial is this two-day break will be? We

done well, this week we worked very hard, very good, detailed adjustments that were somewhat in doubt, gave us great confidence to return to winning ways.


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