Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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KidZania and Club Santos Laguna are joined by Mexican children

Mexico City., March 8, 2011 .- KidZania the number one Mexican franchise in "edutainment" and the football team Santos Laguna Club, seek to promote a sports culture while reinforcing the values \u200b\u200bof Mexican children, as such through a visit KidZania players, they will give attendees the opportunity to make fun sporting activities to strengthen their development. Maricruz

Lic Arrubarrena, Director of Marketing KidZania mentioned:

"We have always been very important to supplement the education of children, is why this time we strengthen the physical aspect. Therefore, the decision to partner the Club Santos Laguna which through its Heart Warriors program also seeks to instill values \u200b\u200bin young people and benefit the disadvantaged. "

For his part, Mr. Alejandro Irarragorri, President of the Club Santos Laguna said:

"The transmission of values \u200b\u200band the promotion of sports culture in Mexican children, is a cornerstone in the philosophy of the Club Santos Laguna. That is why we joined forces with KidZania, where we can stay in touch and live with the small tomorrow will have in their hands the direction of our country. "

is for this reason that on Saturday March 12 at 4:00 pm, KidZania transform the central plaza of the city in an amazing stadium, which is equipped with high-intensity floodlights, stands, stage of commentators and enough space in your synthetic grass field 5 players per team, so that the arrival of computer children also enjoy the 6 activities and professions in which lived with the members, can play with them the traditional peel.

As at 6 activities which may also be involved, is keeping in shape with Felipe Baloy and Carlos Morales KidZania Gymnasium, or in the establishment of paints and coatings to develop their creativity, team work together Christian Benitez and Miguel Becerra.

On the other hand, in the convenience store will be present Uriel Fernando Arce and Alvarez, so they can help guests to enjoy food and drinks suitable for a workout and some snacks that energize . Also, Jaime Toledo and Daniel Luduena will be responsible for the preparation of delicious pizzas, where children of KidZania find a space to talk pleasantly of all that interests them.

No doubt the busiest players will be Juan Pablo Rodríguez and José A.
Olvera, who will be at the fire station to help you learn how to prevent fires and accidents in general. Similarly, the participation of Jonathan
Lacerda and Jose Maria Cardenas, it will be important as they will be in charge of the police station maintaining order and solving police cases.

Thus, the visit of KidZania Club Santos Laguna will be a great experience for each of the players as well as for the gentlemen and ladies in attendance.
This great visit is another sign that this city-wide, is always looking to strengthen the integral development of children in a fun way, so that in the future will be better and happier adults.


KidZania The City of Children is a 100% Mexican concept of "edutainment" (education and entertainment) where children from 2 to 16 years old playing at being adults. It was founded on September 1, 1999 and has received over 9 million visitors. It has more than 60 partners, AAA-multinational companies and national leaders. Due to the success of the concept began a process of business expansion, for which it was necessary to create a name and an image that represents the concept of The City of Children. That is how KidZania, a nation that has its own history, government, national symbols, currency, culture, traditions and landmarks.

In this city of all children, can play more than 90 professions and trades in the common areas of a city: services, trade, industry, communications and transportation, among many others. Business partners provide much realism to the concept by sponsoring various establishments there are, where activities are participatory and create new and unique experiences. Children always find something fun to do!

Thanks to the consolidation of the concept, KidZania Seoul in 2010 becomes the eighth edutainment center in the world after KidZania openings City of Children in Mexico City, Monterrey KidZania 2006, Tokyo KidZania 2006, Jakarta KidZania 2007, KidZania Koshien and KidZania KidZania Lisbon in 2009 and Dubai in 2010.


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