Monday, March 7, 2011

Wearing Nylons Over Arms

Madrid against immorality analepsis

It is made of the path of Jose Luis Burgos! They are the cities and the days that remain in each. As pointed out in the previous review, this is a citizens' movement condemned the arrogance of the banks and other financial institutions. That this route is successful depends on the ability of solidarity among citizens. It is a challenge for society itself. A demonstration that the passivity and compliance are not the accepted rules of conduct. As you can see there are two stages one before and one after Easter until 20 May.

Individuals and social organizations can collaborate locally: From accompany José Luis front of the headquarters of Santander in the city, organize events, inform the media communication, contribute economically, to take him home, to any action that comes to mind. The response has been very positive. Anyone who wants to can keep adding on .
In a few days (2 or 3 at most) we will coordinate the different people or groups who have shown their desire to collaborate. But still growing! We are all equally important and necessary!

Seen and copying
Lately I can not help but feel a sense of analepsis , kind of a throwback to the past not pleasant, because the reasons are not good. And lately it seems that this country wants to repeat its recent history, with its unpleasant details in front. That final day of last term
Felipe González, where cases of corruption and unemployment figures dizzy.

Who does not remember cases like
Roldán, around 94, among many other corruption cases for the final time of Gonzalez. Corruption, a term closely linked to Spain, nothing to be proud of in this case. The GAL

or Malaya
unemployment is another issue that was and is back in fashion. Some people still want to use the theme that the crisis is global (also brings us back to the past, recalling


stop, quite an achievement.

But something made me remember those days, in addition to the above, has been the new

Ruiz Mateos and pseudo-empire , New-Rumasa. I forget that

Anyway, so I feel as if we had retraced his steps in recent years. Have we really come?


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