Thursday, March 24, 2011

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The Week EU confirms Oswaldo Sanchez

Torreón, Coah., March 24, 2011 .- This Thursday from 17:30 hours, the set of Santos Laguna made his second training day in alternating fields Santos Planning Model, focusing on improving the performance of each one line facing the final stretch of the Torneo Clausura 2011.

The squad is very united and conscious of the responsibility he has to reverse what happened in recent days, contrary to certain opinions generated, including an alleged discussion between the President of the Club, Alejandro Irarragorri and captain Oswaldo Sanchez.

was the same goalkeeper who was in charge of denying the situation at the end of practice, confirming that the goal of all members of the institution is to demonstrate the winning philosophy that has kept the Warriors in recent tournaments:

"Resting for the second training I learned that There is a note, a rumor, a twitter or whatever, which said that I had an altercation with Mr. Alejandro Irarragorri, and from there it was derived that hit me, I ran and I was discharged, then just to clarify rumors, is a vile and total lie, the team is united, I have a very good relationship with Alexander, played for President, without any problem and I'm here to step up and cut pit all these rumors, which All they want is to destabilize encourage, I think that goes around the issue. "

"It strengthens us, simply make a statement that is false in everything they say." Later

goalkeeper said his absence from the first practice of the week was due to a dental problem:

"Since last Tuesday presented an infection in one of my teeth, a root canal could not be realized in an appropriate manner or different circumstances ".

"Since yesterday I could do something in the gym and trained to normal today, that was the reason, a dental infection that was complicated, it was very dangerous."


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