Monday, March 14, 2011

Pre Adolescent Pantymodels

Why I do not like Estibill

The dream, the big problem that many parents worry every night.

can take two ways:

1 ° to let you mourn a little for not letting spoiled in his crib and changing room X months as a good father because you have to teach them to sleep (And take lets you rest).

2 ° Understand that your child knows that you sleep and you have to adapt to a maturing process taking sleep options such as rocking, singing, rocking, or even, if you dare to contradict the world, sleeping close together (co-sleeping).

The first is to express my disagreement with the society in which we live that does not give us the work of parenting. You have to pay a mortgage and a number of expenses that most mortals are forced to work both sides of the family. This poses a problem because you have to delegate your children to a nursery or in many cases pull for grandparents. What happens? home when we bequeath our children are tired and we lost time claim (one way or another.) It also happens that night we are tired and we can not afford another night sleeping as the best known and most widespread and everyone is allowed to advise is that at night we have to "teach them to sleep" ... because in many cases we chose that option because if Fulanito has done well ...

In my clinic, the Community of Madrid, I got a letter in which he says:

"Keep rules of your child's dream. I still lie awake in crib, child's room, and always at the same time. You can give a pacifier and accompanying doll . If you wake during the night (very normal at that age), check that nothing special happens and if so, with love and security back in the crib to accommodate and bring you your pacifier and doll. Leave the room while crying. If the crying continues wait a few minutes each time before repeating the same operation. Do not give up, children quickly learn to whom and how much have to fight to get what they want. What parents should propose is to teach to sleep. "

The bold that marked also included. I think simply disgraceful that in the century we live in outlining these "ideas". I have missed the sign because it is 100% Estibill this method. By the way, I have yet to write a letter and a number of complaints.

The sad thing is that people will not get rest and desperately seeking this alternative as an option think they do well. No one tells them that there are other ways in which the co-sleeping, a baby learns to sleep because you know it, which is to leave it and let me mourn dare say is even a form of abuse. If someone wants comfort in your life that has no children directly.

I'm going to start writing different types of dreams and the stages that babies go through because if you want more information you can see it in Natural Parenting.

The disadvantages of this method (which is not even yours and has been copied to Ferber) are many and demonstrated in different studies: problems of depression, anxiety, behavior modification, feelings of abandonment, fear, insecurity ...

Do we want this for our children?

A child who cries alone at night and is afraid he's turned his brain a little light alarm that puts you on alert. In your brain jump response systems that alarm to be vigilant to any incident. But nature is wise and the body can not afford to stay long in a situation like this uncontrolled fear and defend begins to secrete opiates, endorphins and serotonin, which relaxes the whole warning system. This "autodroga" added the child is tired and sleep when tired and make you fall asleep.

This is the basis of these wonderful methods of "let it mourn that nothing happens, by the way, the smaller work better because the fear and uncertainty is greater.

If this is repeated many times is a reduction in the production of serotonin and the amygdala that produces is "touched." The amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and the lack of serotonin is associated with depression, violence, homicide, suicide, arson, antisocial disorders, self-mutilation and other aggressive behaviors.

Some time ago I published a video that you can see HERE on an American TV abandonment makes apology. "Qu''e kinds of kids we want? At what people want to educate?

a appeal to raise the heart, with respect and empathy for what we have at home are not petty tyrants, they are our children who love us unconditionally and learning to be people from our actions.


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