Monday, March 28, 2011

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EFSL in J16 results of the Student League of Local

Torreón, Coah., March 28, 2011 .- On Monday completed the Day 16 of the Student League of Laguna, where the Saints Soccer School Lala balance achieved excellent results with nine wins, one draw and one loss.

Asqueles in category Estrada Ivan thrashed the team three to seven Excelsior College and Felipe Baloy won two for one with representatives of CEFOJUR.

branch in the Daniel Luduena Junior B defeated two zero Federico Mireles High School squad while Christian Benitez also thrashed by the score of zero to five College Michelangelo teeth competition in Milk, topped by Jonathan Lacerda the same score at San Isidro and in the other match, the College Echavarría fell four to one before Carlos Morales.

Oswaldo Sanchez won the set three to five New World Montessori in the Bottle category. In the Youth C, the "Pony" Ruiz won four zero to La Salle for his part, Darwin Quintero each won four CEFOJUR 98 in the Juvenile A. In the duels

in Category Living Juan Pablo Rodriguez tied the two goals against CEFOJUR 99 and "Chema" Cardenas was defeated three to one by the Institute Summit.


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