Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Women's Day Conversations transcendental

Today is International Women's and wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate them all.

from my blog I wanted to vindicate the right that every woman has a decent delivery to delivery and informed consent where we do partake of it and not mere spectators. Where one of the most important moments of our life we \u200b\u200bare concerned with love and respect and not as crazy hysterical who can not stand the pain, or worse, who can not deliver.

Every woman needs to experience, live, enjoy, enjoy gentle birth wherever they choose to give birth either in hospital or at home. Every woman has the right to decide on such an important part of your life without being judged or treated in modern hippy hysterical or crazy.

Why today I claim this? childbirth simply because it is a part of female sexuality and therefore a very important part in every one of us. We should not frightened by what they tell us, we must not want to spend the time as soon as possible, but above all we must not fear because in many cases this fear prevents us from being informed and enjoy (yes, enjoy) one of the moments we mark on our lives as women.

I have gone through two stages, a bad one (my first birth) and a good one (my second birth) and only the respect and the information made to a 180 º to the same process.

As women struggle for what is ours and so intimately get to enjoy it.


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