Monday, February 28, 2011

What Wood Is Safe For Rabbits To Chew

banking and Textures

can discuss whether to fund the film, which the film is art or not, something very subjective

. What gets in my face, is that after paying the English films with our money (for the public money out of our pockets, not a magic cauldron that sometimes we forget) can not see them as they want, and we criminals call them on the network or download them from the network. And laws are removed, yes or yes, pay before making the film (with subsidies) see it or not, and then in the cinema or buying / renting the DVD. Not really. Pay twice for the same no. Des No way. You can now change the system of subsidies, more logical and less grafter, but keep an obsolete dinosaur and swallows - Euro is not the most appealing to viewers.
In that sense, I liked the consistency

Alex de la Iglesia, who first heard
people through the network, then met with representatives of the Internet to hear their points view (only that it is rare, and less in the lobbies of the arts in this country) after which he changed his initial view, so that was frowned upon among their peers, then delivered a sincere and strong words on the new Goya maintaining posture and balance
proposal between the parties, and defending the network
as a good medium of communication, and maintaining that industry has to adapt to the spectators, at last, after all, eat.

No single politician or public figure in this country to take errors in their opinion publicly as he has done, but in addition, demonstrated with
facts and not only in words their ideas. His new film will Creative Commons license, is being filmed without any subsidy, and will be distributed online to 2 €.



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