Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who Sings The Tiffany Commercial

I always I knew I wanted to breastfeed.

In pregnancy I read a book of (St.) Carlos Gonzalez, who opened my eyes as far as maternity is concerned and I loved it. I must say that I posed approach struck a chord but still had a way to find to reach the point "extreme" in which I move today. I read many more books with this "new vision" of motherhood because of what was used was to "leave it alone sleeping in his crib" or "will be spoiled." Pufff, far I have that.

The Mayor birth was a bit traumatic for me and I really do not know if so, or because I suffered a severe blow during pregnancy (emotional blow that is) ended up with a nice post-partum depression. Telling you this because I think that influenced my breast.

The grip was great and had no problems or pain, the only problem I had was that staff did not catch weight. The truth we do not know why, put it to the breast, I took her to four different pediatricians, offered on demand, even went to a meeting of the League of milk ... fatten could not get more than 50 grams a week. I took it very badly and had to contend with grandmothers who told me: "what he has is hungry "or" give a little bottle that I gave you and you do not spent anything. "I could not believe not being able to produce enough milk for her. I had read about it and knew that the lack of milk in the mother was rarely ( here a very interesting article ).

The summary was that I ended up biting here and there: walking into your cart while crying to sleep , medium Estibill applied the odious method, the bed in his crib ... I greatly regret not having paid attention, not to have known what I know now.

The thing did not work and percentile -3.

Here I make a point to my lord husband who believed in me, supported me and helped fight against the world. I knew it was very important and we were together at all times. He want to thank (although I know that I read) and I want to state that I am infinitely grateful.

Two months later the doctor told us we could not continue down that percentile and give him the bottle. I still remember the llantina and disgust that I took. Anyway, I started giving him the bottle and my poor child began to recover weight because they were left in the bones. What is certain is that even for these, I followed breastfeeding up to two years to be weaned, which is a bighead.

remember I even wrote to the magazine Ser Padres because he knew there Carlos Gonzalez gave his opinion and the truth is that I responded. I came to say (another girl who work for them, it seems Carlos is the image) that if she gained weight 50g a week to eat eat and he lacked a little bit to get where I had to. Perhaps the solution would have been harassing me on the bed to eat some night shots more, now that I can not tell. What I think it was a heap of things that influenced, from the medicalized birth to all the advice from all sides.

was a shame not to give to someone who knew me good advice on the subject.

Today I still have the animosity but I'm happy, Small to super sucked from day one and gained great and even a year old still breastfeeding her but I'll leave this post for another day. I have traveled a long road that has led me to where I am today and the truth is I'm happy although I am sorry that Mayor has been, somewhat, our "guinea pigs".


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