Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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requirements for a safe co-sleeping

always say and advocate co-sleeping and I think it is a great option if you breastfeed your child (can not be otherwise) and one of the first things to which you face is all these people telling you not sure, you can accidentally choke ... Well, the truth is that if they meet minimum safety requirements is even beneficial. I tell you some rules to follow:

- Not being under the influence of any drug or medication.
- No smoking, and that the house does not smoke.
- Suffering from obesity to prevent move easily in bed.
- Avoid overdressing or sleep in a room very warm.
- Sleeping on a firm mattress, no blanket, blankets, Pillows and stuffed toys to the small fief suffocation.
- Avoid loops in nightgowns, or cords, or even long hair would have to pick it up to avoid a risk of strangulation.
- When the baby is able to move there to put up barriers to prevent it from falling while sleeping.
- A mother's extreme tiredness can make your perception is affected and is dangerous to sleep with the baby.

that you have a happy co-sleeping !!!!!


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