Thursday, April 14, 2011

Average Nursing Home Stay - 2011


Easter is approaching and as it can not be otherwise comes to the toast. I find it very curious that I remember them other than that at this time and I whistle. I always go with the taper to my mother that I provided but this time I decided I have one myself and I have been very rich. I leave a photo of the final result and I encourage them that are very simple. Unfortunately with adults and children have not succeeded but time to time ...


few of desire

1 liter milk 1 loaf of bread for toast

sugar to taste freshly ground cinnamon like
2 eggs
Much love

1 º to heat the milk in a saucepan with the sugar
2 nd cut the bread into slices about two inches and place in a dish
3 º when the milk begins to boil pour on the source and wet out the bread
4 th wait over an hour to get wet, if we see need to be turned
5 º beat the eggs and coat the slices with great care not to break par aps to a pan that we the hot list haceite
6 º proceed to fry the toast
7 th last in a bowl mix sugar and cinnamon and coat with the mixture
8 th and are ready to eat: D
Hope you
animeis to them, I never did and I must admit that I do not fetch any wart. It seems to me that is not a good idea for the operation viquini.


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