Monday, April 18, 2011

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Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Mayor

first thing I said is that long experience.

At first I set aside the recommendations of the world and decided to give birth in conditions. I knew what I wanted was a respected and sought delivery options. Finally I decided for a home birth.

Another thing that was clear was the co-sleeping from minute 1 and no experience with nonsense that you hear here and there. He knew what he wanted and how I wanted it.

Since Mayor breastfeeding was not as satisfactory I should have much fear a repetition of this result and I forwarded it to the midwife. He told me that if he could solve the case.

The first day everything was fine, ate and slept, two or three hours and return to the same, I was delighted, they seem to be satisfied and the grip was great. Since the early days of the midwife visits at home will make a row because he could ask all my questions (actually I learned a lot).

The second day was not the same, I had all day (literally) fuck the breast and I thought the drama was repeated but my wonderful midwife I explained that it was normal that the first day have no real need to eat because they just cut the food supply but the second is when the rising demand for milk, the amount you need and it is important offer this demand, which in a few days is set and the shots are spaced. Those were the best words that I said. I remember when Major was born the second day the same thing happened to me and I commented to the nurse who stayed with her. He said nothing at that time, I said nothing and I was just a tired mother who thought my milk was not worth. Nobody talked about breastfeeding and I, of course, I had no idea.

The thing went great and estubo nursing on demand up to 7 or 8 months it started to eat only pureed. Over 10 months I saw that starting to demand more and I began to make lunch and dinner. Now with the year continues with lunch and dinner and begins to bite at all hours of the same thing as me, the breast also between meals, dessert or gets hurt.

The only thing negative I can draw is that at night you can not stay without me because I claim but this is a tiny speck compared to how satisfied and pleased I am able to breastfeed him.


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