Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Happened Akiba-online

I have spent this Easter

Well, I guess like most mortals have endured incessant rains in resignation.

The truth that we have just come out and I ended up confined in the same house for three days with my in-laws, brothers, niece and a bitch is the devil himself. Summary: a pain!

The character of my adorable daughter turns into a real devil when his cousin (from now on Nietísima) is the favorite grandchild and my in-laws has touched us swallow with a few ugly, but hey, I'm not to give too many details. The fact is that my lovely daughter ceases to be adorable and only bad ideas happen, or rather, occur to Nietísima but as more and "perfect" because no one else to realize that. Not that my daughter is great and wonderful and a real angel (who is) but of course I am not able to recognize at certain times.

Everyone says you have to let them have fun at your leisure and if they jump on the beds, close their doors, play on the stairs ... should be left. The reality is that Nietísima Mayor has five years and three I do not think it is correct to leave them unattended. To give you an example, the last day by the stupidity of the doors Nietísima Mayor fingers caught and of course the Mayor was guilty because his fingers (dfjsdflcsdfsefulñj). In the end, and three days. Luckily this was just a scare.

How to control when you pass? For what intent is to separate them, limping to Major and took me somewhere else to disconnect but I just pissed it always me who has to stop giving hints of attention to girls ... I do not know I ended overwhelmed this week ... although there is an ill wind that blows no good because I have already made it clear to my lord husband not to let the child think this summer if we are neither he nor I to control the gap a bit.

What does not seem to realize is that with three years still does not handle their needs, that is, if it strikes twelve and is destroyed is much easier to explode in a fit of sheer exhaustion, This is already my daughter who is very spoiled by not hitting a slap. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my mother has come to tell me what my daughter needed was a slap from time to time ¡¡¡¡¡!!!!! it is not to beat them silly ¡¡¡!!!! but hey, if I start to talk about them and not stop so I quit.

I have yet to write a post about the behavior and see if I get to it.


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