Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leather Couch Ripped Fix

already spent a year

For all this, with the din of life I lead, I have not heard that Small has already served a year old. It is all a girl; D.

The truth I'm happy (something extresada) if any enjoyed them both. Able to afford to be a charming housewife and busy, to have time (only) for them to do things as I like and not have to emberrincharme the way to do them in the store, well ... so many things.

I can not even imagine as I would have lived if he had worked and do not know how people can make time for everything and not die trying. I guess you should have pulled a lot of help and care, school and extracurricular activities. I imagine that grandparents also play an important role.

not only been a year to Small, it has been for me. A year ago I discovered the birth and what it really is. I help my daughter to be born and experience the power of nature, he knew it and the millions of years of evolution that make the human body be able to give birth in a wise and necessary.

Luckily increasingly become a most respected labor and are discovering that too medicalized. Then I leave a link to a small article that was in the news of the first of a few days ago and tell you that the shown speaking, Anabel was my midwife.
begins at minute 35.


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