Sunday, February 20, 2011

Milk Wholeseller Toronto

Contemporary Art and the "experts"

The picture is a symbol of what Germany is doing with Europe: tell him what to do, to not go the abyss. At the recent meeting
that have kept the European leaders in Brussels, Merkel and Sarkozy have proposed a "pact for competitiveness" (read pact insecurity), to be the script to be followed by European countries to convenience of the Teutons. It's essentially a series of measures (which have not liked in the other countries) to worsen the conditions of the workers, following the neoliberal trend that is achieved only by lowering wages and job competition, always the same fallacy. More measures that have already been taken in Ireland, Spain, Greece or even Germany itself, one of the EU countries where inequalities have grown most in recent years and where they are losing workers more purchasing power (see PDF

German wages fall). To make matters worse, Germany wants these measures be adopted without following the European channels, passing through the lining to the European Commission (which has not liked Barroso).
The most media calls "the engine of Europe", Germany, is not only a kind of European China: the search for low wages and many export and impose your prescription to the entire European community, dragging in their errors. As Merkel has recently visiting Spain, reviewing if they had implemented measures to impoverish us (labor reform, pensions ...) and pointing to follow that line. Of course, a country that impoverishes workers (behind Germany will be that much social spending and low inequality in the past) did not ask for your neighbors.
to me and not slip me:
this Europe is not what I
. European markets, of liberalism, inequality, insecurity. Impoverish us all to keep Germany, and banks. No, I do not belong to the European Union. For me that is the methane the Arc de Triomphe.


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