Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Shower Cake From Heb


I will describe briefly what yesterday was my
- Mayor wakes up because he has peed in the bed, Superpap to call me to help change the sheets (they were sleeping together.) 5:45-Mayor
not sleep, is savvy. I hear singing from the other bed.
6:30 - Superpapá have to dress to go to work and staff is still awake. I change my bed (I sleep in another bed with Small).
7:00 - Small wakes up and it seems that Mayor order has been stayed. Change of bed again
7:30 - The alarm clock ... 5 little minutes more ...
7:45, I get up and shower
8:00 - wake up to High and I'm sleepy little pain because why is that? Small also wakes. The two to watch TV for smart. Mayor breakfast. The seen and prepared the gear.
8:30 - Sunset coats, shoes and various organization to leave the house
8:45 - We left home
9:00 - We arrive to school
9:15 - Delivery Small sample pee in the clinic. For a fever and contaminated results.
9:30 - At home. Give tit for Small and I get to exercise
maruja 13:45 - I go to pick up Mayor
14:00 - greater Sale cole
14:15 - We eat, pick up, and get ready again to go out and play (does solecito)
16:00 - All ready we go to the park with the boots, we trasbase the pond to the pond B, a compritas and homework.
18:00 - Bath played today. For more information: the bathroom on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
18:30 - Prepare Dinner 19:30-comes
Superpapá and dinner all close together.
20:00 - We start with the program: "A sleep it's too late"
20:30 - Pick up the kitchen.
21:00 - Time for me to decide to devote to see my emails and write a post on my blog piece on umbilical cord.
23:30 - I give to "post ".... not published anything ... I saved nothing but lso first two paragraphs of the draft ... I hate internet ...
dfldkjvbhldsfixgzmvñfohgvñmñz 23:45 - Desisto. I'm going to bed.


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