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Can You Wear Kelly Green With Black?

6 years

A protest as beginning with the first hunger strike lasted 24 days and he decided to end to the dangerous deterioration of his health. Given the pressure, the Banco Santander agreed to suspend the sale of her home on Dec. 15, recognizing the injured was entitled to insurance compensation he was forced to make when it signed the mortgage on your home with this entity, and that he had been demanding since made more than 2 years without the authority granted it.
The bank, without any doubt and with absolute arrogance and cruelty, have been allowed to punish the rebellion of the city auctioning your home again next February 9, whereupon Mr. Burgos has responded the beginning of a second hunger strike that began last January 18, 2010. All this in a quite personal weather conditions and adverse and discouraging.
The misconduct of the generality of our politicians and media professionals, is only matched by his lack humanity and conscience. Some people seem to have succumbed completely to the power of this and other financial institutions, completely forgetting their obligations to this society and election commitments made with the public. Some media professionals who seem to have become circus showman or presenters, where priority is absurd and entertainment news over a free and independent information to help preserve this democracy. This letter addressed to Mr. Booty aims to give visibility to this case and many similar ones that occur daily and seem doomed to oblivion and contempt of most politicians and journalists. I demand more democratic accountability and professional these people and stop hiding cases like Jose Luis Burgos. We demand the
Santander Bank to abandon its attitude against the most abusive through this weak
letter to Booty. To follow the case can access the blog itself José Luis Burgos, and this article

Rosa María Artal.
but goes so:
Do not save anything?
newspapers, universities, corporations, government, education, health systems, network, energy ... everything is based on models of the industrial age, and are failing.
There have been other crises.
Like Gutenberg's printing press allowed to evolve from a model of agriculture to the industrial era with all its social changes government, internet leads from the industrial to the digital.
And all our institutions are still in the industrial model ...
Yes, universities are given industrial education: a master class from one to many, as in the media, mass production and distribution, health services and democracy, political elite and a mass who elect them.
What is the new model? There are five principles to build it. The first is collaboration, as opposed to the hierarchy model. Now the partnership can be given in an astronomical scale: million people have created an encyclopedia. Is extrapolated?
Linux, free operating system has been created by hundreds of thousands of contributors. The third part of motorcycles manufactured in the world are the result of hundreds of small companies are to collaborate.

Second principle.
That goes against the ways of making the world's governments. Yes, but the light is a good disinfectant. Everyone is concerned about Wikileaks, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many ugly things in governments and corporations, and when they come to light evolve for the better. Third

Interdependence, businesses can not succeed in a world that is failing. If Spain does not repay its sovereign debt, the euro as a whole would collapse and lead the world into depression. Fourth

Sharing intellectual property is no longer necessary. The Guardian has released all its previous editions, IBM gave $ 400 million in software to Linux, which is responsible for developing it with volunteers and IBM takes step to develop a multibillion-dollar hardware linked to this new software. Sharing is creating wealth. Five


Integrity. The institutions of the world in which we live have been built on integrity.


The lack of integrity of bankers almost destroyed the entire capitalist model. The result of the dishonesty of bankers in New York is 40% youth unemployment in Spain.

The capitalist model is based on the law of the strongest and the smartest.

That's the capitalism of the industrial age and will not return. Many corporations are being forced to transparency and are improved because of it.

What are the axes of change?

global communication: the Internet, the younger generation who are digital natives, the social revolution through social networks, and entrepreneurs.

Companies "also change?

So far, the talent was within the institutions. Procter & Gamble has hired 700 chemicals, but 50% of innovation comes from Internet communities. Companies are failing to follow pyramidal models. Let


All are in crisis. The English government, for example, the English were out expensive, let alone healthcare.


I as government I have great information and I will post raw data. For example, crime statistics, greenhouse gas emissions at home, activities of entrepreneurs and other many categories.


Providing all the information you have to citizens and businesses can be organized to create public value. I met with the Mayor of Melbourne because they had a problem of bicycle accidents. Simply proposed to publish online all information it had on such accidents.

Within 24 hours someone created a website with a map of the places most at risk of accident, and this was followed by many others. In a week they were saving lives with a zero cost to the government.

The idea is a government platform.

Yes, that releases information allowing the world organize autonomously to create public value to the citizen's initiative. Democracy must be reviewed.

Yes, poor.

The youth vote is going down at all the world and is not an issue of lack of values, is the point in history where the youth volunteering is higher. Want to participate and they are the future.


September en


Very well, you change the calendar and go. Is sufficiently irrelevant that the change does not mean anything, does it? !
, and also telling him how to meet these future events based on what astrology (which is not a science , not astronomy) dictates.

Come, a thymus

Now it appears this newcomer, seem willing to change almost all signs of dates, which the wise

estimates and guesses are going to hell .

Honestly, this and the
, or homeopathy, with supporters and payers, and smart-ass who can live in the XXI century it is hardly acceptable, and leaves them in good stead to society, education and culture. In some fail if we fall even today in these scams so little subtle and unconvincing to a minimum viewing critical.


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