Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Woman - Brown Dress In Movie


My dream come true. I note that I do not like Tele5 far from that program, "The Seeker", but this story caught my attention. Seen
six years ago that
rode this bar. I rode with no pretense and little by little it has been molding me, with the respective changes (both content and aesthetic) that was suffering as I was going inheriting
His numbers are modest, but steady today as far as visits are concerned. Not that this is an issue of importance to you regardless of whether the number was very close to zero:-P. In 1m2 have been written 365 entries
all these 6 years. The most visited
(For visitors from Google in particular) generally are not worth much, but sometimes the internet is better than a title right and good positioning in Google than other things (although they may be curious or interesting).

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath

The main traffic sources (excluding social networks and Google) are Beggar's cave ( The beggar look
) of Manolox (

  1. alternative), the photo of Harvey ( My worldviews) and The Flintstones Cave
  2. , all more desirable than this. They are also the most frequent commentators and visitors and therefore more alive who keep this stall in a way.
  3. But I know that many more people you visit often, many of which follow in social networks or on their blogs, I also try to visit but often not comment.
  4. Most visitors come from Spain, but also many from South America, USA (normal given the language), but also dropped one of the Netherlands and even South Korea!. Obviously a google search of images and stuff.
  5. A
  6. browsers level, the most used to come here are Internet Explorer (40%), Firefox (33%), Chrome (13%) and Safari (11%).
  7. If you look at the
operating systems, Windows takes the biggest share of the pie, with 78%. Mac OS X remains at 14%. Other Unix 5%. iPhone IOS 1%. The rest (Blackberry, PSP, iPad, Nokia, iPod and any pileup from which you can surf \u0026lt;1%). In that less than 1% also goes Linux, so you should review the most common browser agent, which must be identified as something else (probably for some poorly made pages look better) because I do not block much that statistic .

All you have to either visit this space, and to comment, thank you so strongly . I also thank everyone who refers or has linked this blog on their sites or networks social. I hope you can occasionally get something interesting here (a picture, some thought, a joke or a song), and also that I can be useful when you want to spread (modestly) something. This space is your space , that of everyone who wants to participate. A hug all / as!


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