Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Speech Alex de la Iglesia in 2011 Goya

The Basque armed group ETA declares a permanent ceasefire, comprehensive and verifiable by the international community.
Declaration PDF

Source (And still doing it today) it seems that Europe has not taken to be in a better position to at least have a say in the world.

Europe has decided that all that you do not care. And also give citizens alike. While we cut all social and destroy the welfare state (who had, in Spain is the Midwest )

Europe is now sold China (at the time was sold to USA, After going bankrupt in world wars stupid) to save your ass from banks, and the snout of politicians.

The Chinese vice premier tour, with stops in Spain, Britain and Germany, aims to ensure that its main customer will keep buying, and for that China buys European debt (as it does with the USA, in large quantities .) Although obviously it's not free and have their conditions (lifting the arms embargo and restrictions on exports of high technology, etc.).

As far as Spain is concerned, China has been the tour

as Kings, and our government and companies have already bowed before the new boss. Anything before changing the way we understand both the economy and society before changing the savage capitalism based on consumerism and capital on the job for something more humane, more just. No, not that.


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