Monday, May 9, 2011

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On May 6, 2011, the Commission and Heritage Management ANCORE meeting in Rapa Nui in the Regional Governments meeting and Heritage states that considering:

A) Heritage Being a fundamental part of sustainable development and recognizing the diversity of regional heritage of the country tied to local identities.

B) Recognizing the threats to the preservation of cultural heritage, making it vulnerable to pressure on the unsustainable use of the territories.

C) Recognizing the urgency of updating the National Heritage Institutions, according to current regional development demands and the need to stimulate informed debate about their participatory future.

We propose:

1. La creación en cada Gobierno Regional de la Comisión de Patrimonio que promueva la puesta en valor del patrimonio regional tanto en aspectos tangibles como intangibles.

2. Promover en cada presupuesto regional la inversión programada y sistemática que estudie, promueva y preserve el patrimonio de cada región, vía glosas o nuevas vías de financiamiento como el 2 % del FNDR.

3. That regions to support human capital formation and also advanced basic training, to local communities, thereby increasing informed participation in projects, plans and programs asset recovery.

4. Support funded in each region, the creation of local initiatives that safeguard the national heritage.

5. promote the creation of local registration systems and regional level that can maintain a documentary and historical memory.

6. Actively participate in the discussion of a new institutional framework for the heritage that can build a regulatory framework and implementation of decentralized and responsive to regional diversity.

7. We are committed to support your claim for reimbursement of cultural property that are scattered in various parts of Chile and the World.

the undersigned sign this declaration and we pledge to make its implementation in each country's regional governments and thank the Rapa Nui and its authorities for their hospitality and support to achieve this important meeting.


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