Wednesday, May 4, 2011

R.h.i.n.o Gun Ratchet

Killing is killing

is outrageous to see the reaction of both the American people in general (with cheers in the streets, but not victims of S11, which have held that this does not solve anything), global managers, and the international press in general (with headlines despicable) on the supposed death (murder) of the Afghan Saudi terrorist Bin Laden.

is clear that what made Al-Qaeda is terrible, because killing is always terrible, always . Some do not like and never will support the idea to kill anyone under any circumstances, even sons of bitches like this. As mentioned above These days, even some Nazis (not all, unfortunately) were judged on their time in Nuremberg, and convicted is it that we have gone back and now we like to shoot and road?

What we have instilled in his films Americans, it put into practice in reality. That stupid idea to kill (and torture, and have openly admitted to knowing where he was the target), if we do our right. If you do the hero (if American) to save the girl and shoot the bad, it's great. Go drivel.

Killing is killing. And I hate to do it, be on the side that is. More if possible, if one is mine.


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