Thursday, May 5, 2011

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With a petit boats with plug (Dia) I got the idea to make a rattle-rattle. We had a fun researching and creating tato.

There are two ways:

-The least filthy. With chickpeas markers are painted colors and get into the boat which is a bit transparent.

you bogged down "The whole area of \u200b\u200bactivity. If you have patience (and especially win) is curious to see how they work (without directing too much of the game), the ideas he has lost and what they wear. I remember Mayor now nearly four years, Small has just celebrated the añito. Well, rice is needed, a boat as before, watercolors, paintbrushes, paper to let dry rice, colander, bowls, and above all their desire to pick up after the mess, D.

This is the process:

The boat that I commented, clean, no label. It is clear that you can use any other but I like this because it is a very transparent and reveals the colors.

This is a little bowls uticicé to dump the rice and add color.

Paint with the three primary colors that helped me to explain the issue to Mayor.

Mayor decided to use a spoon to fill the boat

Small is better manages

Any temptation and a small red herring

Mayor, in between, decided to paint her fingernails.

The two concentrated
picking pimples.

The acticvidad think it was entertaining and experienced a lot. I tried to explain the primary colors Mayor, practice clip and place objects in a container ... and the best thing is we now have a new toy that makes noise.


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