Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salmon Loaf Made Without Using Eggs

Developing creativity, art and fine motor

Well, well, well, I made a wonderful discovery!

is the Montessori Method . I'm starting to know him and I found a page of a mom raises her daughter with this method and I thought it super practical, interesting and full of activities.

end I do not think raising my daughters at home (I am not able to) but there are many things I can think they can do with those who spend time with them and are entertained while learning. For example, on Monday that there was cole and we took advantage of a few things.

With few clothespins and a wood the colored markers. Mayor entertained a while painting them, I would put the name of the color and the Small ditribuyó around the room.

Mayor to remove them and practice the exercise of the clip, created by painting and writing the name goes over the letters, we count the vowels ... all while entertaining course. As I see who are bored of exercise change.

Small discover new textures, put, remove, find, research ... for whatever a small one year can go.

I entertain myself and learn a little more with them and above all: enjoy!

Mayor to see that made them photos loved the idea. It was like a reward, the value their work enough to take a picture ... I have some 10 different poses with tweezers lol.

The way he taught me love letters, I will copy some idea, the moment I have in mind to make some sandpaper letters (I will show), but what I like most is how to teach mathematics . Little by little I'll be preparing more activities and share with you.


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