Thursday, March 25, 2010

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The voice of teachers

communication by Juan José Bayona (AU) entitled Strategy at the University of Alicante in promoting open knowledge shed a different light to open access. Commented that having no library or computer training, the issue of open access was unknown.

Without going any further, was not aware of projects like COPLA , RUA or OpenCourseWare (OCW) of the University of Alicante until he assumed his position as Director of Bibliographic Information Services and Documentary AU. He explained that the AU is not just to provide open access to scientific production, but also teaching materials. Also stated that positioning the repository in the world will improve with time, the result of specific support (from the Vice President states that it is obligatory to publish a repository for assistance), to reward teachers who self-archiving and publishing their material for teaching in OCW. It also became compulsory to deposit their articles in the repository of the university journals in order to receive funding. Explained the creation of the U.S. engineered, space to facilitate the creation of audiovisual material for teachers, promotion of multilingualism (Valencian, Castilian, English) to preserve multiculturalism in international projects, as well as to measure the success of a repository from the reuse of cached data, the work generated from documents in the repositories.

interesting thing about this communication was the proposal from the moral obligation of teachers to self-archive. And are required to publish and attend conferences, which are also self-archive. It is to reach out to teachers as benefits and disadvantages of not changing. Ortiz Grelda

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