Monday, March 22, 2010

Colour Of Thymus Cancer

On the Road towards the preservation of digital repositories working with Drupal

comment now: Prospects for sustainability and preservation of institutional repositories , Miquel Térmens (UB).

was explained that the English repositories are adhering to initiatives like the Budapest or Berlin, however, currently lacking a plan to make it sustainable future preservation of these archives. The exhibition highlighted the fact that many institutional repository projects are financed with "remnants" of budgets. Some remnants that institutions need to spend, and that result that are not economically sustainable.

also put his finger on the pulse of the technical aspects of these repositories: no control file (formats, which have the priority in the migration process?), Problems with metadata, OAI inefficient application of the model, problems export data, backup solutions are unsafe ... and audit systems for digital preservation or DRAMBORA NESTOR, free tools that help assess the risks of digital repositories, and that change will not be used. The speaker leaves the question open to debate: "What do you expect to use them?"

Directories as OpenDOAR expose deficiencies in policy, funding and planning for the preservation of English institutional repositories. As you said the rapporteur, the National Security Scheme published in the BOE left libraries and repositories in the lower level, so that many will not have the obligation to audit risks.

now turn to step beyond the intention of preserving, it has to go towards a global action plan, agreeing policies, investing in people and technologies, and above all, by evaluating the steps that are followed in preservation. Ortiz Grelda


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