Monday, February 15, 2010

Timings Of Mid Night Hot Program On Ftv

Workshop Drupal repository for joint consultation "Nearly 150 registered

Workshop 3
Serrano-Muñoz and Jordi Oriol Rico Millán (UPC)
Thursday, March 4, 9:30 to 11:30 h

On Thursday morning, March 4 four workshops will take place simultaneously, between 9:30 and 11:30 h. A them is " Drupal for joint consultation repositories." The workshop will focus on the integration of a content management system with institutional repositories or how to offer 2.0 without relying on infrastructure associated with each of the deposits. From here is intended to address all issues existing at the time to add features not related to the shells themselves and how the most advanced content management systems give us an opportunity to fix it.

Jordi Serrano-Muñoz a degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Barcelona and in documentation from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Currently developing management tasks as head of the Library of the Faculty of Nautical Studies of Barcelona and web environments responsible for the Unitat Digitals Resources, both in the Library Service and Documentation of the UPC. At the same time engaged in teaching as associate professor in the Faculty of Library and Documentation at the University of Barcelona.

Oriol Rico Millán a degree in Computer Science from UPC in 2004. Responsible ICT since then "Bibliotécnica: Digital Library of the UPC." Has implemented library management tools such as SFX and Metalib. Actively participates in the OpenCourseWare of the UPC and currently specializes in the Drupal content management tool that has been used for the implementation of the new version of the Digital Library of the UPC ( . He has made several web pages related to the world of art ( Klimt02.Net )


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