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Workshop 4. 10 years of cooperative repositories

Workshop 4. 10 years of cooperative repositories
Thursday, 4 March, from 9.30 h to 11.30 h
Lluís Anglada (CBUC), Sandra Reoyo (CBUC), Anna Casaldàliga (UPF), Ricard de la Vega (CESCA)

In 1999 work began, culminating with the commissioning of TDX / TDR, the first repository created in Spain. Since then, cooperation between the universities of Catalunya and the Biblioteca de Catalunya has allowed to put 5 repositories cooperative (TDX / TDR, RECERCAT, RACO, MDC and MDX). This was made possible by a division of tasks in which libraries are responsible for the introduction of content, CESCA preparation software and hardware and CBUC coordination processes.

The workshop divided into 4 parts, is intended to explain the different phases that have lived cooperative repositories, the actions carried out in these 10 years to fill them with content (standards, legal issues, support for digitization, etc.). The experience of a university-UPF-repositories participating in these cooperative and that both his own and has the technical infrastructure in which they have developed and evolved. Lluís Anglada

a degree in Philosophy (Logic) and Diploma in Librarianship. Since 1997 the director of the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC). Previously he was Director of Libraries at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1989-1997) and professor in the School of Library and Documentation. He has served on several national committees and international library. Is a lecturer and writer on various subjects relating to libraries (library automation, digital libraries, library cooperation, as applied to libraries, etc.).. Maintains Bdig blog about libraries digital and cooperation ( )

Sandra Reoyo Documentation is licensed by the University of Barcelona. Works in the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) since 1998. First in the field of Catalogue of the Universities of Catalonia (cytology) and since 2004 is responsible for cooperative repositories (MDC, MDX, RACO RECERCAT and TDR). Anna

Casaldàliga is Deputy Director of the Library of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). A degree in Library and Information Science and Documentation licensed from the University of Barcelona. He has worked in special libraries of the Generalitat de Catalunya and, since 1990, works at the Library of the UPF, where he held various positions. He is a member of the working group "libraries and intellectual property" FESABID since its inception in 1996.

Ricard de la Vega is a technical engineer in computer management from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. He has worked in Argus Serveis Telematics and in Partal, Maresma i Associats with the analysis and web application development. Since 2003 is part of the Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia (CESCA), first as a systems technician and currently as head of the Portals and Repositories, leading the team responsible for the technological part of repositories such as TDR, RECERCAT, RACO PADICAT, RECYT, MDX and PADICYT.


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