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Workshop 2. Repositories in the cloud P.

Workshop 2. Repositories in the cloud
Ricard de la Vega (CESCA)

This workshop will last shorter than the rest: Thursday, March 4, from 9:30 h to 10:30 h.

applications that are distributed over the Internet as a service (Software as a Service, SaaS) and hardware and basic software for data centers (Cloud, Cloud) are the two elements of the equation called cloud computing. In this paradigm, you play three main roles: provider of cloud, cloud user which in turn is a provider of service (as the repositories) and end users of the service. The first benefit specialization and economies of scale, while the latter for greater elasticity in the supply. In this sense, DuraSpace has created a pilot called DuraCloud to test the use of storage technologies in the cloud to the preservation of digital content.
The workshop aims to describe the basic concepts of cloud, with examples of where you are using this technology and the impact it can have on digital repositories.

Ricard de la Vega is a technical engineer in computer management from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. He has worked in Argus Serveis Telematics and in Partal, Maresma i Associats with the analysis and application development web. Since 2003 is part of the Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia (CESCA), first as a systems technician and currently as head of the Portals and Repositories, leading the team responsible for the technological part of repositories such as TDR, RECERCAT, RACO, PADICAT, RECYT, MDX and PADICYT. Examples


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