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Assertiveness Test - Social Phobia Social Phobia and Self-Esteem

Although there are several meanings, we might define as an ability to communicate with others an effective, clear and comfortable but there is a conflict of interests, defending their own rights while taking into account the rights of others.
The assertiveness is not something you're born, that is, a feature of your personality, it is learned, especially in childhood. As something that is learned, you can acquire all these skills comfortably but assertive communication whenever desired, with varying degrees of difficulty, so much encouragement.
autoaplicable Please read this test and see what things would you change. Please answer each question YES or NO.


  • Defend your own rights
1. If you try to unfairly difficult do you explain quiet your rights?
2. Do you often feel you do not have the same rights as others?
3. Do you have accepted, on several occasions, unacceptable situations?
  • Reject requests, how to say "no"
4. When I ask a favor that you do not want to do you a hard time saying "no" and stay calm?
5. Do you feel that others often take advantage of your tendency to please them?
6. Have you suffered on several occasions an excessive emotional reaction by the feeling that others are abusing your tendency to "accept all"?
  • request favors and make requests
7. Do you find it difficult to take the initiative to express your wishes?
8. If another person's behavior bothers you, do you tell costs and ask them to change their behavior to you? In what ways do you get?
9. Do you feel uncomfortable when you do a favor and do not know what to say?
10. When ask a favor that you would be willing to do without too much difficulty do you feel something violent?
  • request behavioral change on the other
11. Is it hard to say for example: "Look, this I do not do it, change your behavior to me? Excess action (aggressive)
12. "They usually have you for an aggressive and ruthless person when you decide to speak your mind?
13. When you choose to disagree or express your opinions to others, "often feel offended, hurt, or react to defend itself from what they consider a personal attack?
  • express positive feelings (love, pleasure, affection) and negative (disgust, anger, justified anger expression)
14. Is it hard to express your love, say what you like?
15. Is it hard to express your anger and you prefer silence?
  • express personal opinion including disagreement
16. When your opinion does not match with the other costs do you express what you really think?
17. When you choose to express to others their position or disagreement with any fact, do you often feel tense to or lose control of your emotions?
18. "It is rare that you express your opinions, accepting and respecting the different viewpoints of others?
  • Fear of rejection
19. Cover up your feelings on many occasions for fear of being rejected / a?
20. Do you usually keep quiet and not express your ideas or opinions for fear of losing the sympathy of others?
21. Do you fear a negative reaction by others to the opportunity to express your views on any issue?
  • Management criticism
22.Cuando criticize you some action Do you often feel depressed / a?
23. Do you feel insecure / ae uncomfortable to interact with some authority?
24. Faced with criticism "You get used to defend justificándote or denying the evidence?
25. Do you have a low self concept yourself?
26. Do you feel uncomfortable to apologize or admit your ignorance on any subject?
  • make and accept compliments
27. If you make a compliment Do you feel uncomfortable, prefers to say it will be for the new suit, haircut, etc..?
28. When you see a beautiful girlfriend or has done something good would you say it costs easily?
  • express love, pleasure, affection
29. Is it hard to express your love, say what you like? The ability to initiate, continue and end conversations
30. Do you take the initiative to start, continue and end a conversation? Or if you hurry bored or stoically put up with "roll"?
If you answered yes to several of the questions you may be lacking sufficient social skills to express your wishes, forms thinking, etc. Anyway, consider that assertiveness is not a term dichotomous all or nothing, but a scale that can be more or less assertive, and naturally, the more assertive, you're more comfortable communicating with others .
To guide you on that social skill is where you have more difficulty we have outlined a title to the questions so you can identify which plot would you like to make any changes. As you yourself can see, some people have more difficulty in dealing with the opposite sex, others to defend their rights, others in expressing negative emotions, etc.
As we say above, all of these skills can be learned more or less effort.
Dr. Elisa Urbano
Psychologist, sexologist and therapist


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