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routine procedures in newborns (II)

Como os comenté en el post anterior continuo con los procedimientos.

Vitamina K

Es una vitamina muy importante para la coagulación de la sangre, a la vez, también es importante para el mantenimiento y salud de los huesos e incluso se ha descubierto hace poco que es beneficiosa for the treatment of certain tumors.

There are three types: K1 is the most efficient of the three, and is found in abundance in vegetables and vegetables. The K2, however, is of animal origin, synthesized by the human organism from bacteria in the intestine. The K3, finally, is a synthetic Vitamin K, developed in the laboratory, and whose use is only recommended prescription .

As experts say, babies experience a shortage of this vitamin that can carry the baby to the call Newborn Hemorrhagic Disease , especially prematurity. Also say milk is not as vitamin K such as formula (cow) ¿?¿?¿?. I must clarify that these studies are 82 and at that time recommended the use of the bottle, but hey, this is already a record my personal.

is why, as a preventive which provides vitamin K to newborns and English Association of Pediatrics recommends this injection.

But if this disease affects only a very small percentage and if all children are born with a deficit of just regulating vitamin should we apply it to all routinely? Could it be wiser nature and provide them with something of this deficit?

For those who agree to provide them know that this vitamin also have the option to administer orally. So at least I'll save the puncture.


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